Joff Outlaw - The Art of Engagement

Season 2, Episode 27,   Sep 27, 2022, 09:55 AM

Power of Ten is a podcast hosted by Andy Polaine about design operating at many levels, zooming out from thoughtful detail through to organisational transformation and on to changes in society and the world.

My guest in this episode is my friend and ex-colleague, Joff Outlaw, Managing Director of DesignIt for Australia and New Zealand, having taken over from Katja Forbes who was on the show a few months ago.

Joff has led design and consulting teams across the UK and Australia, with project work spanning across all industry verticals. He has a passion for Design, CX consulting and building successful and happy teams. 

Here Joff talks about his key passion of helping clients through the sales process, which means taking the the time to truly understand an organisation’s short term and long term goals. And why he hates sourdough.

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