Service Please, by The Conduit: Chantelle Nicholson, Chef and Owner of Apricity

Season 14, Episode 1,  Sep 28, 2022, 09:28 AM

Welcome to The Conduit’s podcast series, Service Please. This series will be focusing on ethical and sustainable hospitality, engaging with a diverse range of industry experts and a variety of individuals across different sectors, disciplines, roles and levels. From supply chains to sourcing, waste management to wellbeing and welfare – what problems need tackling and what does the future of hospitality look like?

In this episode we are joined by Chantelle Nicholson. Chantelle is a multi-award winning chef, owner of Apricity Restaurant in Mayfair and former chef-owner of now-closed and much-loved Covent Garden restaurant Tredwells, which under Chantelle’s leadership was the recipient of a green Michelin star in 2021 for its commitment to sustainability.