E143 - The Art of Data

Sep 30, 06:00 AM

September 2022 

Earlier this year in April 2022, Bletchley Park opened a new temporary exhibition in a brand new gallery. The Art of Data explores how data can be visualised to reveal patterns and stories, helping us understand the world around us. The exhibition includes WW2 visualisations alongside a whole variety of striking contemporary examples, shown in objects, pictures, films and interactive displays. Visitors are invited to question the data they encounter, and take part in building their own visualisations in the gallery. 

In this episode, you are invited to join me, Bletchley Park’s Exhibitions Manager Erica Munro, on a tour through the gallery. You’ll also hear from two experts who worked on the exhibition, Elin Simonsson and Andy Kirk.

Image: ©Bletchley Park Trust 2022  

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