#295 Jason Flom with Ricky Kidd

Episode 295,  Sep 29, 04:00 AM

On February 6, 1996, three men dressed in black fled in a white car after robbing and murdering George Bryant and Oscar Bridges at Bryant’s home in Kansas City, MO. Bryant’s 4 year old daughter was present and survived unharmed. Bryant’s daughter told police she was watching TV when men came to the house in a white car. Her father let them in and while they were in the kitchen, she heard a gunshot. She said her dad fell and tried to run but was shot again. Police received numerous anonymous calls that named 10 men as suspects, including Ricky Kidd. Detectives conducted a questionable interview of the 4 year old girl where she identified Kidd as one of the killers after some strong suggestions were made to the impressionable little girl. Ricky was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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