Ex-CIA Agent v Human Traffickers: Nic McKinley | True Crime Podcast 351

Oct 04, 2022, 05:00 PM

Nic McKinley is as close as it comes to Tom Clancy’s fictional hero Jack Ryan, the larger-than-life CIA analyst, field operative, US Marine, and sometimes stockbroker. McKinley is a former CIA officer and US Air Force para-rescueman, and a Harvard graduate who worked for East Coast investment banks. He also spent 17 years parachuting out of helicopters, dodging bullets, and coming face-to-face with terrorists. “Any time you’re in those situations I have what I call my ‘Rules of Operation’. The first rule is to be cool. The second rule is to not get caught. And the third rule is that if you do get caught, you refer to Rule 1 and just be cool,” McKinley said. He now runs Dallas-based DeliverFund, the world’s only private intelligence agency focused on combatting human trafficking, one of his biggest passions and challenges.