Emily Dickinson

Sep 29, 04:39 PM

If you're studying the poetry of Emily Dickinson for the Leaving Cert, this podcast is for you!

English teacher Peter Tobin is back and he's here to give you ideas and in-depth analysis you can use in your poetry essays.

Peter covers different aspects of Dickinson's poetry in this podcast and examines each of her poems on the syllabus in detail.

Leaving Cert English students will be doing the select number of poems so there are timecodes below for each section so you can skip to ones you're studying.

Peter has his own Youtube channel where he uploads excellent videos covering all parts of the Leaving Cert English course. Check out Mr Tobin Leaving Cert English at this link:

And for more great Leaving Cert English content on Studyclix, check out the free resources on our community page!


0: 49 - Who is Emily Dickinson?
6:40 - Style & Form
10:17 - Themes
15:45 - "Hope" is the thing with feathers
17:56 - There's a certain Slant of light
21:47 - I felt a Funeral, in my Brain
24:44 - A Bird came down the Walk
26:33 - I heard a Fly buzz—when I died
29:08 - The Soul Has Bandaged Moments
32:07 - I could bring You Jewels—had I a mind to
34:07 - A narrow Fellow in the Grass
37:34 - I taste a liquor never brewed
39:18 - After great pain, a formal feeling comes


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