Nikita Ducarroz on the journey from an anxiety victim to an Olympic medalist

Episode 12,   Sep 30, 2022, 09:32 AM

A conversation with the BMX Olympic medalist athlete Nikita Ducarroz about her journey through anxiety and to become successful a professional athlete. In this episode we talk about awareness, prevention, authenticity, passion and community. It's a great conversation and a very important one. Welcome!

Nikita Ducarroz is a Swiss American BMX Olympic Medalist Athlete who discovered BMX on Youtube in the safety of her room whilst she wouldn't dare to go out in the real world due to her severe anxiety.

In this conversation we talk about her discovery and the progression of the BMX, which is now of course an Olympic sport and she got to grab a medal in the debut of the sport in Tokyo, but most importantly we talk about her journey to get there, her inspirations and her aims.

We talk about the importance of prevention, support and personal work as well as the authenticity on showing oneself to the World, specially as a professional athlete and public figure to keep things real and authentic is her goal. In this line she tells us about her project MindTricks and what is she looking out for the future.

Nikita rides for Red Bull, Mongoose Bikes, Omega. Riding Culture and Troy Lee Designs.

You can follow Nikita on Instagram and also her project MindTricks about mental health awareness.