30 Sep 2022 | Briefly

Sep 30, 11:00 AM

➤ Cadillac recalls 186 Lyriq EVs over touchscreen shutdown issues
➤ Australia's first electric ute confirmed as LDV launches three EVs at once
➤ Geely's Radar brand begins pre-sales of RD6 electric pickup
➤ Foxconn Starts Electric-Car Production in US With First Lordstown Pickups
➤ 2023 Hyundai Kona EV Shows Interior And Charging Port In New Spy Photos
➤ Tesla Megapacks arrive in Hawaii with the state's last coal shipment
➤ KTM Introduces The New SX-E 3 Electric Dirt Bike For Kids
➤ U.S., South Korea working to rectify problems on EV subsidies
➤ APCOA to offer 100,000 charge and park spaces by 2035