Dee Flower, Life is the adventure - Travel has perks - 'Where the Wind Wills'

Oct 01, 12:32 AM

The world traveler label fits but there is no doubt about the country that holds her heart. “Once you drink of African waters, you will return to drink again.”

Dee Flower is a photographer, travel writer, adventurer.

Where the Wind Wills, Amazon. The soap opera drama surrounding the end of 1999 and beginning of 2000 prompted an urge to get out of the country and avoid the Y2K chaos. Dee signed up for a trip to the Himalayas. A very rugged, no frills trip. That trip was life changing. 40 countries and 6 continents later, the photos and the stories tell the tale.

Eye to eye with Gorillas, an encounter with Yaks on a suspended bridge (with missing boards) ... managing to avoid drowning in a river full of crocodiles and other stories worthy of a feature film. Encounters with Indigenous tribes in various countries.   

Bonus. A chance encounter with a palm reader provided fascinating --- and very accurate information. Dee has 2 life lines. *Adding more to that reading is this bit of info (googled) regarding one who has 2 life lines: Protection from long illness and accidents. Good health and vitality.

Sounds good - given there have been a few health related speed bumps. Here's a blog post about one of those. (In China) An Extraordinary Angel: "As soon as the x-ray is taken the technician bursts into the room yelling, “Don’t move your arm. Your collarbone is broken in two and is pushing on a nerve and artery.” 

Warning. Reading the Dee's book and/or her blog - might just trigger the travel bug.

Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction. -

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