Nightmare week effectively ends Brewers playoff hopes for 2022 (10.02.2022)

Oct 03, 2022, 10:00 AM

A nightmare week for the Milwaukee Brewers, specifically three gut-wrenching losses in four games against the Marlins, has all but ended the disappointing 2022 season. Journal Sentinel reporter Curt Hogg and podcast host JR Radcliffe again take stock of what went wrong and how they can ultimately explain a 95-win team bringing back many of the same players and performing so much more poorly. How does Milwaukee fix this going forward, both on the field and in the stands, where the team drew fewer than 32,000 fans for each of its three weekend games against the Marlins. Is there anything other than the Josh Hader trade that will be seen as the signature moment of 2022? How would they evaluate the front office and manager Craig Counsell this season? 

Music intro: Music clips:  "ABC" by Jackson 5, "Red Hot Memories (Ice Cold Beer)" by Jerry Lee Lewis, "Pursuit Music Logo" on SoundCloud and Bob Uecker on WTMJ 620-AM radio.