Deep Dive is back! And the climate crisis is still a problem.

Episode 130,  Oct 05, 10:00 AM

Our minds have been largely preoccupied with the COVID-19 pandemic the past couple of years, but that doesn’t mean the threats caused by the climate crisis have gone away. Still, sometimes it feels like environmental issues don’t loom as large in Japan as they do in other countries. 

Two of our guests on this episode of Deep Dive, Hanae Takahashi and Eric Margolis, currently cover climate issues for The Japan Times. They have spoken to Japan-based environmentalists about how the media in this country could do a better job at informing the Japanese public on these issues, so they can make better decisions when voting. First, however, we are joined by former Deep Dive host and climate journalist Oscar Boyd who takes part in a conversation on the larger picture when it comes to the environment and how we can better equip ourselves with knowledge when it comes to this rather overwhelming issue. 

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Photo: Firefighters rescue people with a raft in a flooded area of Kurume, Fukuoka Pref., following torrential rain last summer. | Kyodo