UpStarts, by The Conduit: Tom Adams, Co-Founder of 60 Decibels

Season 13, Episode 2,  Oct 04, 2022, 11:56 AM

Welcome to UpStarts, a podcast series by The Conduit where we will focus on the stories of a diverse range of impact entrepreneurs, spanning industries, interests and influence. UpStarts will get to the heart of the journey of an impact entrepreneur, looking into how they built their companies, what problems they are trying to fix, their impact so far and their hopes for the future. What can we learn and action from their experience?

In this episode, Paul van Zyl, co-founder of The Conduit, is joined by Tom Adams, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of 60 Decibels. Tom has held various leadership roles across the public, private and charitable sectors. Immediately before 60 Decibels Tom was the Chief Impact Officer at Acumen, and prior to that worked in Ethiopia and Nigeria for the Department for International Development. Tom has also worked for the Foreign Office, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, and Credit Suisse.

60 Decibels is a Conduit Connect company, find out more about them on their website