How to Study 101

Oct 10, 2022, 04:56 PM

It's back to basics with this podcast! So often at Studyclix we get the question "how do you start studying?" so we thought we'd lay out the foundations for establishing a basic study routine.

With tips on motivation, how to structure your study and balancing your mental health, Eimear & Nessa share their best tips for helping you feel on track when it comes to school and exams.

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— Timecodes —
6:07 - Creating a study space
9.53 - How to get started
14:36 - Making a study plan
18:56 - How to get motivated
21.43 - Your relationship with school and studying
26:34 - Our favourite study methods
32.17 - Recognising and overcoming distractions
37.36 - Looking after your mental health in school

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