Ghosts of Bogota, a play by Diana Burbano, presented by Stray Cat Theatre

Episode 11,  Oct 13, 2022, 09:02 PM

PHOENIX, AZ - Ghosts of Bogota, a play by Diana Burbano, directed by Alejandra Luna, and presented by Stray Cat Theatre

In this episode, we talk to Stray Cat Theatre, which has been busting norms for its entire existence. But this year the company is doing something even more unconventional — every play this season is written by a person of color and every production is directed by a person of color. Why? Stray Cat Theatre's Ron May says it just made sense, especially given the Phoenix community's changing demographics. In this interview, we talk to May (who self-identifies, half facetiously, as a "middle-aged white guy," Alejandra Luna, the show's director, and actor, Shelly Trujillo, who calls this her most challenging role ever. If you know Stray Cat Theatre, Ghosts of Bogota, like their previous work, tackles tough topics, including sexual molestation. While it may not be appropriate for all audiences, the show addresses the issue tastefully, with a laugh (yes, it's a dark comedy), and with whole lot of irreverence. As this episode posts, there are just three more performances, Oct. 13-15. So, get your tickets now. Go to or by call the Tempe Center for the Arts at (480) 350-2822.