What's News? #1

Episode 111,  Oct 17, 2022, 03:00 PM

This current affairs podcast tries to unpick all things British politics over the last couple of weeks. With an analysis of parliamentary affairs, major political events, media headlines and viral moments - we aim to make sense of this tumultuous time in politics. 

In this episode, we discuss the recent developments regarding the mini-budget which was announced a couple of weeks ago by Liz Truss. We now have a new chancellor, as Jeremy Hunt replaces Kwasi Kwarteng and there is already speculation that Conservative backbenchers are trying to organise a change in Prime Minister. We try to summarise all the events, including our take on how things could develop.

Produced and Hosted by Nikhita Nachiappan (Twitter handle: nikhita.nachi) and Saskia Soden (Twitter handle: saskia.soden). 

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Edited by Saskia Soden 

Cover Art by Nikhita Nachiappan via Logo

Music by Someone via Pixaby