Monday, October 17: What Not To Watch; Connecticut's Bear Problem; Protestors Throw Soup On Painting

Oct 17, 2022, 03:26 PM

What not to watch. Chaz and AJ had movie guy Joe Meyers on with a short list of programs that are safe to skip, including the brand new program that inspired Chaz to pick this topic. (0:00)

A 10-year-old in Morris was attacked by a bear, which was then euthanized. So what's the problem with bears, and what is the solution? (19:02)

Dumb Ass News - Two young protestors threw tomato soup all over a Van Gogh painting in London. (32:04)

Dumb Ass News - Real, or not real? A public proposal at a sporting event has captivated the internet, since no one can tell if it is real. (38:04)

Image Credit: Oleg Elkov / iStock / Getty Images Plus