Elisabeth Munck af Rosenschöld, IKEA Group

Season 3, Episode 18,  Oct 17, 2022, 12:00 PM

This week’s ship.energy podcast guest is Elisabeth Munck af Rosenschöld who takes the lead on sustainability in IKEA’s Supply Chain Operations, based in Switzerland. She discusses the work IKEA has done to calculate and reduce its carbon footprint across its supply chain, as well as the role of a charterer and the importance of maritime stakeholder partnerships in facilitating and delivering transport’s energy transition.

Elisabeth joined IKEA in 2016 and one of her focus areas is to develop the decarbonisation agenda in transportation and logistics based on the principles to Reduce, Replace and Re-think. 

She has a background in sustainability from different business sectors and management consultancy and in leading cross-cultural teams from years of working in an international environment. She holds a Master of Law from Lund University and a Master of Science in Environmental Management and Policy from the international Institute of Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University.