Episode 75: Episode 76

Oct 20, 2022, 03:28 PM

Whoops. We skipped episode 75 and called this one 76. Oh well! Baseball/Hockey Playoffs are discussed at the start, with the Oilers offering one of the worst concession "deals" in human history. Halloween costumes and a lengthy conversation about the best "non-traditional" candies follows that (2:00). Sunshine State Roundup (10:27). We give midterm grades for the Gators (14:22) and Seminoles (20:16). Mike's Mad Minute (26:00) starts the Jaguars talk, as we go deep into what went wrong on Sunday against Indy (27:50). Mini-pods get a teaser by Keith & Skyler (39:06) and we wrap the show up with a Local Update (40:35).