Breaking!! Trump Knew Biden Won + A Conversation with Ali Velshi

Oct 21, 2022, 04:00 AM

Mea Culpa welcomes back the intrepid newsman, Ali Velshi. Host of “Velshi” and seemingly favorite fill-in host of every other MSNBC Prime Time News Show. Velshi also reported live from the frontlines of the George Floyd protests and most recently he dodged incoming fire from Russian artillery when he fearlessly reported live from the frontlines in Ukraine. A concerned citizen of the world, Velshi seems to be everywhere there is an injustice. I recently join Ali on his show to discuss my latest book, “Revenge.” Michael and Ali dig deep into Trump’s anti-semitic dog whistle and the looming midterm elections which could reverse the work of the January 6th Committee and unleash a new wave of MAGA insanity.

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