Whatipu and the Coast of Ghosts

Episode 5,   Oct 23, 2022, 09:00 PM

Angus King explores the history and legends of New Zealand’s most haunted beach: Whatipu and the Coast of Ghosts.

What if a whole area, in this case, an entire coastline, is a cursed and ghostly realm? Whatipu and the beaches along New Zealand’s West coast have had countless reports of strange incidents over the years. The Gibbons Homestead at Whatipu Lodge is said to be the home of a daytime apparition, The Pink Lady. The caves that used to host dances and parties are still echoing the sounds of laughter and conversation, decades later… Join Angus King as he explores the rich and varied stories – history and legend – of Whatipu.
Would you dare stay there?
Special thanks to our Guests:
Mark Wallbank [Paranormal Investigator, Haunted Auckland]
Barbara Caisley [Paranormal Investigator, Haunted New Zealand]
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Created by Angus King & Sonya Lowe
Narrated by Angus King