Friday October 21, 2022: Shortest Job Ever; Haunted Alexa; Raven’s Report Card

Oct 21, 2022, 01:26 PM

Amazon is usually the most reliable way to shop online, but Anna has noticed recently that they’ve been slipping… (:30)

Every Friday, Raven’s wife Alicia calls in to give Raven a grade on how he did as a husband that week!  This week, Raven was doing well, until he chose to sit down… (3:25)

Giving a busted TV a small tap is one thing, but if you think brute force is going to fix all your electronics, that’s all I need to know about you! (7:24)

British PM Liz Truss has resigned after 44 days! As the UK looks for her successor, Anna and Raven invited resident British expert Rachel Lampen to help them determine who would make a better Prime Minister! (10:30)

Halloween is here and even Amazon’s Alexa is getting into the spirit!  But Anna and Raven weren’t prepared for just how spooky Alexa can get! (14:27) 

Do you have a Helluva Story?  Adriana tells Anna and Raven her story of being stranded at a stranger’s house in a blizzard!  If you have a hell of a story, you can submit it at (18:27)

What’s the least amount of time you’ve spent at a job?  Raven only made it through one shift as a server and it would have been even less if he hadn’t been trapped at the restaurant! (22:19)

It’s time for Mommy’s Margarita Friday: Father’s Day Edition!  Moms (and Dads) share all the crazy things that their kids have put them through this week that have definitely earned them a margarita! (28:36)

Kylie and Rob just celebrated their first wedding anniversary. As a gift, Rob's parents got them a weeklong trip to Aspen. Neither Kylie or Rob ski (his parents are avid skiers) and Kylie would like to request that they switch the trip to a tropical location. Rob says that his parents love Aspen, and even though they won't be there at the same time, they should just go and enjoy it. Can you ask your in-laws for a vacation change?!  (31:55)  

Gail thinks she’s got what it takes to beat Raven in pop culture trivia!  Can she succeed and win the $1800? (39:58)