Why managers make mistakes so often? with Marce Fernández

Episode 297,  Oct 24, 2022, 07:22 AM

In this episode, we are joined by management consultant Marce Fernández to talk about the reason why managers make mistakes so often and how they can be avoided.

About The Wrong Manager

This book unravels the mystery that lies between success and failure, focusing on management mistakes. It uncovers the reasons behind most decision errors and shows how to deal with them successfully. It proposes a better approach to goal setting, risk assessment, context analysis, information processing, number crunching and personnel management. It also gives the keys to overcoming the long list of cognitive biases that managers suffer from (whether they know it or not). The book is written from the diverse and rich experience of the author and is based on the examples of dozens of real business mistakes.  

About Marce Fernández

Marce Fernández is a management consultant and MBA educator. Prior to that, he was a senior executive in banking for 15 years. He is based in Spain.  

Grab a copy of the book: https://lidpublishing.com/book/the-wrong-manager/