#TimeTogether: Inspiring mums and daughters to be active together

Episode 34,   Oct 25, 2022, 02:44 PM

When researching the lives of teenage girls Women in Sport uncovered the powerful relationship that exists between mums and daughters. Teenage girls view their mum or mum figure as someone that they want to be active with, without the fear of judgement. This led to the creation of Women in Sport's #TimeTogether campaign. 

We know that: 

  • 6 out of 10 teenage girls are not meeting the physical activity guidelines of 60 minutes activity per day

  • 1.3 million teenage girls opt out of sport when transitioning from primary to secondary school due to puberty, confidence and supportive environments. 

  • 48% of girls tell us their mum encourages and supports them to be active. Yet women in midlife are time poor
In this episode we'll explore some of the barriers that prevent girls from being active and explore how mums/mum figures can be part of the solution.

We're joined by Kate Nicholson, Head of Insight and Innovation at Women in Sport, Kirsty McNab, CEO Scottish Sport's Futures and her teenage daughter Ella.

About Women in Sport

Women in Sport was founded in 1984 and its vision is that no-one is excluded from the joy, fulfilment and lifelong benefits of sport and exercise. Recognising that gender stereotypes and institutional bias are holding women back in life and in sport, the charity’s purpose is to give every woman and girl the opportunity to take part and inspire her to do so.

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