The Kaikoura Lights

Episode 6,   Oct 30, 2022, 09:00 PM

In December 1978, in a world first, a professional TV crew filmed and documented real UFO activity from the cockpit of a cargo plane.

In New Zealand in 1978, an unprecedented historic incident took place. UFO sightings have been reported in New Zealand since the 1900s, but this was the first time that a professional TV crew filmed and documented real UFO activity. Multiple people witnessed the event: the pilots, the camera crew, air traffic control and civilians on land. The government launched an investigation but came up with many alternative explanations regarding the cause of the lights. But those who were present that night, know what they saw… 
Special thanks: Dr Paul Davidson from Byte Size Productions
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The Kaikoura UFOs 1978
Crew remember the day UFO was spotted over Kaikōura 40 years on
The World Famous ‘Kaikoura Lights’ sightings of December 1978 
1978 UFOs over New Zealand
Created by Angus King & Sonya Lowe
Narrated by Angus King