Hazel Mills - Goldfrapp, Florence & the Machine, Birdy

Episode 102,   Oct 31, 2022, 07:22 AM

Florence & the Machine, Goldfrapp and Birdy keyboardist Hazel Mills joins us to discuss....

  • how meditation and The Alexander Technique helps performance at high profile shows such as the Hollywood Bowl.
  • how to decide an edit is complete and shouldn’t be touched again.
  • Having an onstage persona to overcome being a natural introvert in a performance setting.

And loads more!

We are also joined by emerging artist Imogen who poses a couple of questions to Hazel directly. 

Hazel is about to head on tour with Dave Rowntree from Blur.

“I’m the biggest barrier I’ve had for myself.” 

Produced by Bastian Hues
Hosted by Chris Simpson