D&D II - 8,000 Years Under the Sea - Agios Petros, Greece

Nov 12, 2022, 12:01 AM

We head back 8,000 years this week! Agios Petros is the earliest submerged site in the Aegean. This Neolithic site is 8000 years old and reveals astonishing insights into how the farmers, fishermen and seafarers that lived there, were part of an expansive Neolithic network connected by sailing ships – far more sophisticated than ever imagined. The team even found remains of tuna bones and specialized fishing equipment, indicating that they were capable of deep sea fishing. Domesticated animal remains also suggest that these Neolithic farmers were transporting cows and other livestock by boat! Bettany talks to the site director about the discoveries and Lucy delves into ancient seafaring to uncover evidence of how people were crossing the Aegean thousands of years ago. We also learn about obsidian, a rare volcanic glass which gives insights into ancient trade.