Natalie Wilkie on the impact of trauma, innovation in organisations, and her journey from Marketing Executive to Psychotherapist (#003)

Episode 3,   Nov 01, 2022, 08:42 AM

Natalie Wilkie's career started out in the world of Marketing & Advertising where she worked with some of the biggest brand names that there are. She was at the leading edge of the digital revolution in marketing in the late '90s / early 2000s and was involved in some of the earliest marketing campaigns on Facebook.

But it was Natalie's personal experiences in counselling and therapy led to her obtaining an MA in Psychotherapy and Counseling which took her career in a very different direction.

I discuss with Natalie how she wove these strands of her life and career together, and we get into the impacts of traumas, be they big or small, the role shame plays in perpetuating negative cycles and how mental health issues are regarded today.

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Books mentioned:
Why Love Matters: How affection shapes a baby's brain

The Body Keeps the Score

This episode was recorded in November 2021