"From the warehouse floor to reshaping the world of cold chain" - Mike McClendon, Global Ambassador Lineage Logistics

Season 1, Episode 28,   Nov 01, 2022, 09:00 AM

Over ten years Lineage Logistics has reshaped the identity of cold chain across the world. Mike McClendon led the global expansion of the business for most of that time, only recently stepping out from being President of International Business in to a new Ambassadorial role, including taking on the role of Chairman of the Global Cold Chain Alliance, the pan-national representative and networking organisation for cold chain businesses. 

Mike talks to Shane about the rapid rise of Lineage Logistics, why the business has been able to grow as it has, he shares his optimism about the future and talks candidly about how Lineage is facing in to the major challenges of our time. A unique insight from a man that has, more than most, shaped the modern history of global cold chain.