DJ GlibStylez - Underground Bangerz Vol.47

Episode 47,   Nov 02, 2022, 02:31 PM

The Underground BANGERZ Mixshow Vol.47!! Strictly Underground Hardcore Hip Hop (NO MAINSTREAM NO MUMBLE RAP) REAL HIP HOP IS NOT ON THE RADIO! Nothing but Boom Bap beats & lyricism.. pure UNDERGROUND HIP HOP!!! Thanks for tuning in!!
1.       Reese Tanaka x GlibStylez - Underground Bangerz Intro
2.       Apollo Brown x Philmore Greene - Paradise (feat. Evidence)
3.       Grim Moses x King Androit x Nagashi - Urban Legend 
4.       Indigo Phoenyx x P.A. DRE - The Ritual (ft. Spoda)
5.       Mike Titan x Zcience Division x A7MC - Franky
6.       Piff Pennywise - Late Night
7.       Ry Walkwer - Penwork (Prod. by Kool M Da loop digga)
8.       Lughz - My Hip Hop (Prod. by Kool M Da loop Digga)
9.       JRoberts - Believe Me (ft. Justo The Mc Prod. by Lim0)
10.     Wolfman Jeckyll x Minez - Dirt Nap (Prod. by Body Bag Ben)
11.     H4Z4RDOUS - The Jungle (ft. Verse Osmo) [Verdinyo Remix]
12.     Jester Jacobs x Jack Danz - Opportune
13.     Len-Dor - Extempo (Prod. by Silence)
14.     Slik Jack & Kng Bondalero - Audio Clapper Club (ft. Kahlee, Alvarez Mastermind, Judge the Disciple, Iron Shirt, Mike Titan)
15.     Daniel Son x 36 Cypher - Limited Supply (MiLKCRATE Remix)
16.     Marz Money - Coke Rappers K 
17.     Whatamess - Believe It (Prod. by Kool M Da loop digga)
18.     G-Box Da Smoke x Soul G - Peace Pipe (cuts by DJ CSP)
19.     GemRats - Noir
20.     Major the Hyrophant & Nova the Wraith (F.T.L.) - Beltene
21.     Supreme Cerebral - Cold World (ft. Substance810 x Banish Habitual Prod. by Alphabetic) 
22.     K. Rime - Murder In Da First (Prod. by Hinez)
23.     ThisIsHipHopp - Bloody Mary (ft. GuchGretzky x GenasideTheAnimal)
24.     Prop Hustler - Mike Tyson Highlights
25.     Chocovalens -  Chuck E
26.     Mello Dee - Breakdown (ft. Oblivious x Lateb x M-Dot)
27.     Sutter Kain x Donnie Darko - Life Lessons (ft. King Brian)
28.     Busta Rhymes - Slap (feat. Conway The Machine & Big Daddy Kane)