STORY TIME! Ghosted & Heartbroken During a Long-Distance Relationship!

Episode 50,   Nov 06, 2022, 07:37 PM

Sarah is SPILLING SOME TEA this week! You asked for it, and you shall receive the FULL story of Sarah's latest attempt at love and savage heartbreak.

Join Sarah on this week's podcast episode, as she bravely opens up and shares a vulnerable story that many can relate to: the challenges of dating in a world that feels simultaneously small yet disconnected. With raw honesty, Sarah dives into the depths of her recent heartbreak, recounting the painful experience of being ghosted by a man she deeply loved in England. By sharing her story in detail, Sarah aims to shed light on the complexities of modern dating and the emotional toll it can take. Through her transparency, she hopes to provide solace and comfort to others who have faced similar unfair treatment and immaturity while navigating the dating scene. This episode serves as a reminder that no one is alone in their struggles, and together, we can find strength in shared experiences.

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