Kids Who Kill & Delphi Round-up

Nov 10, 2022, 05:00 AM

In the US each year, there are more than 300 cases of a child killing their parent or parents.  This means it happens around six times per week!

In this episode of the True Crime Society Podcast we discuss five horrific cases:

  • Karly Cantrell was a member of True Crime Society on Facebook.  Her oldest son Levi was having some issues recently and she asked him to move out due to his ‘poor behavior’.  On October 10, Levi returned to his mother’s home and brutally murdered her.
  • Texas teen Tyler Roenz (17) had been in trouble recently.  He had been charged in April with sexually assaulting another teen.  On October 13, 2022, police asked people to be on the lookout for Tyler and his mother Michelle.  There was a police chase and Michelle’s body was found in the trunk of the vehicle that Tyler was driving.  He has been charged with her murder.
  • In July this year, Logan Lopez (24) asked his mother Mary Beth to bring some mail to his apartment.  When she arrived, he brutally bashed her to death with a hammer.  Police have said he planned the murder for over a year.
  • Mauri Belarmino (40) wrote a lovely Facebook post for her mother in July 2022.  She wrote that her mother was great and amazing and that she had taught Mauri how to be a better citizen.  But in September 2022, Mauri snapped and strangled her 74 y/o mother to death.
  • Hend Bustami (28) called 911 on October 26, 2022.  She told the dispatcher, “I think I killed my mommy. “I broke the table on her head. I broke the table on her head and I cut her neck off.”   Hend’s mother Afaf was found dead in the home they shared.    Hend had been previously arrested this year and claimed it was because police had never seen anyone as good looking as her.

We also discuss the huge updates in the case of murdered teens Liberty German and Abigail Williams from Delphi, Indiana.  Seemingly out of the blue, on October 26, a Delphi local named Richard Allen was arrested and charged with the girls’ murders.  Richard does not seem to have been on anyone’s radar in regards to this case and the news is shocking.

If you would like to get straight to the crime content, please skip to the 9 minute mark.  The Delphi update starts at 51.07.

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