HOW I DID THIS Ep. 1: Lisa Slagle from Wheelie Creative

Episode 1,   Nov 10, 2022, 11:05 AM

"How I did This” is a Women in Action Sports podcast about truly inspiring women that have worked hard to carve a company, a project or a career out of their deepest passions.

In this podcast series I like to take the conversations not so much on what they do for a living, but on how they got there: what inspired them and what challenges they had to overcome. Together we distill their learnt lessons and revisit the steps they would absolutely take again.

I hope we can learn and appreciate together the many different meanings of success but also I hope you can all get inspired as much as I do every time I get to interview on of our amazing guests.

For this first episode, ever, of How I did This I reached out to Lisa Slagle, Founder of the creative Agency Wheelie Creative.

I don’t want to give away too much before we get started, but I can tell you that Lisa is a determined, hard working, no bullshit creative whose live has been shaped by her passion for snowboarding.

Trained as a graphic designer in the Colorado State University Lisa started her business venture on her own and with very little resources, but soon after her company started growing and she has been the proud owner of Wheelie Creative for 13 years.

These 13 years have been full of big shifts, growth and changes. From getting unintetionally stranded in Montana to setting shop there for 10 years, to expanding to a team of more than 30 people and 2 offices in two different states to more recently going completely remote and deserting their office and sticking by it. Lisa’s and Wheeliess journey is exciting, inspiring and most importantly relatable. No fairy tales, but as she says: just GOOD WORK.

On the basis of CRAFT, CONNECTION AND CHANGE she has build a little empire of her own. And I must say after this conversation with her I couldn’t sleep for two nights straight, just reflecting and taking in everything she tells us, how authentically she talks about it and how brutally honest you have to be with yourself to thrive.