The Beaver Breakdown #3

Episode 116,  Nov 15, 2022, 10:00 AM

The official companion podcast to The Beaver Newspaper, the Beaver Breakdown allows Beaver contributors to talk in more depth about the inspiration and process behind their piece and allows us to ask any questions we feel the piece evokes. In this episode, we talk to Amadea from Features about her piece on toxic investment banking and finance culture at the LSE. We also talk to Julietta from Part-B about her piece Forty Minutes in the Stream of Consciousness and accompanying pen drawing. The podcast will come out in conjunction with every publication of the paper so you can listen along as you read! If you have any questions, feedback or have an idea to propose, please get in touch: Produced, Edited and Hosted by Lily Whittle and Dillon Loh Cover Art by Matilda Holt Music by ComaStudio, Pixabay Music