The Intelligence Factory Exhibition

Episode 1,  Nov 15, 2022, 02:29 PM

The Intelligence Factory Exhibition
The Intelligence Factory is the largest exhibition space at Bletchley Park. Situated in Block A which is newly refurbished and was previously not open to the public. It is an immersive experience with variable light levels, projections and soundscapes.

The exhibition explores how Bletchley Park’s potential as an intelligence organisation was unleashed in the second half of World War Two. Operating at an industrial scale, increasing its multi-skilled workforce to around 9,000 by the end of WW2.

There are both large print guide and tactile guide’s available to collect at the start of the exhibition.

Audio Description of the Intelligence Factory

Developed for blind and partially sighted visitors, a 40-minute audio description takes you on a tour through the Intelligence Factory Exhibition. Designed to listen as you move through the space, it includes moments to pause and explore. 

We recommend you download the audio file in advance, as the phone signal and Wi-Fi is very limited at the Bletchley Park site.

If possible, we recommend bringing headphones along to listen to the audio as you move through the exhibition, as there is ambient noise within the space that may make it difficult to hear.