The Air We Breathe: Risks of Poor Indoor Air Quality with Drs. Edward Brooks & Charlene McEvoy

Nov 16, 2022, 10:01 PM

Among many unintended and unexpected effects of sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic is the substantial increase in exposures to indoor allergens and pollutants.

Here, Dr. Edward Brooks at University of Texas at San Antonio and Dr. Charlene McEvoy at University of Minnesota bring a shared expertise on air quality health and research to discuss the resulting health ramifications.

It is an enlightening conversation about the patient populations who are most impacted, plus what can be done to help mitigate the consequences.

Episode highlights
0:16 The history of indoor air environments
2:50 Introducing Edward G. Brooks, MD, and Charlene McEvoy, MD
4:39 The factors of poor indoor air quality
6:25 Ways to improve indoor air quality
8:59 The underlying pathophysiology of pollutants
13:02 Benzene recalls
14:18 High-risk behaviors and disease risks
17:14 Recommendations for exposed patients
21:02 Radon as a lung cancer risk
22:35 Final thoughts
25:42 Outro

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