Cold and Flu Season Survival Guide

Episode 233,  Nov 18, 2022, 05:20 PM

There have already been surges of flu and other respiratory illnesses earlier this year over the summer, during the “off-season,” and it is expected to continue throughout cold and flu season. As colder weather and the holidays approach, we have the latest tips on getting through cold and flu season.

Effective ways to prepare for the upcoming season are to keep stress at bay and get nutrients from the right foods, such as oranges and kiwi, raw onion, and beans. Wash your hands frequently and avoid bringing your smartphone everywhere. It can spread germs.

If you have symptoms, homeopathic remedies can be the way to go. Zicam RapidMelts and Medicated Fruit Drops have zinc in them. Starting them at the beginning of your symptoms can shorten your cold. You can also try Zicam Nasal Spray and Nasal Swabs, which can shorten the duration of a cold. For more information, check out

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