Career Essentials 101: Destiny Helpers Needed

Season 3, Episode 60,  Nov 18, 2022, 07:50 PM

Tune in as your favorite Career Coach, Crystal Williams joins forces with Shameka "The Real" McCoy host of the What's Your Ministry? Podcast. 

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1:35 Definition of Destiny Helpers
2:30 Habakkuk 2:2 
3:40 Prosperity Prayer by Crystal 
5:35 "Destiny Helper" Testimony (meeting Crystal)
7:28 Marketing Testimony from Crystal one of her Destiny Helper 
8:40 Servant Leader Definition 
11:14 Jesus models Servant Leadership _ John 13: 1-20
12:05 Ministry Moment in Business 
12:30 Characteristics of Servant Leaders
16:27 Crystal shares Servant Leaders myths 
17:20 Difference b/t workplace & kingdom businesses 18:09 McCoy Marketing Solutions commercial
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20:00 Kingdom principles activate authority
21:00 Mindset shift in your Career, Business, (+) More.
22:30 A person who help propel you to your next level
23:00 John 13:17 Special Blessings
24:11 John 15:15 
24:53 Struggle with trust? "Crystal dropping gems"25:00 Marketing Strategist & Career Strategist = Destiny Helpers
27:50 Galatians 5:20 #9 Fruit of the Spirit

33:00 Benedication nuggets from Career Coach 5 Pillars 
33:18 Romans 12:2 Study on this in your career journey 
37:20 What separate Shameka the real McCoy from other Marketing Strategist?
38:00 Benedication 

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