You've got this #2 It's all about balance

Episode 118,   Nov 23, 2022, 10:00 AM

Welcome to 'You've Got This', a show about navigating the everyday challenges of LSE, London and more importantly life! Chatting to new and exciting guests each week, I aim to shine a light on the topics that really matter to us; from LSE highs and lows, keeping your mental health up and everything messy and silly in between.

For our second episode of the year, I speak to LSE’s very own UNSOC President Navin; from the highs of running a society, to the lows of shared bathrooms in first year. Now we’re past the halfway mark of Michelmas Term, you may have already found your tribe, or still be searching for a place where you belong. Don’t worry because we’re here for you- remember we’ve all been there.

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Produced, Edited and Hosted by Mia Lobo
Music by DayFox, Pixabay Music