Top 5 Most Read RNS's on Vox Markets for Tuesday 22nd November 2022

Episode 1036,  Nov 22, 2022, 07:42 AM

Top 5 Most Read RNS's on Vox Markets for Tuesday 22nd November 2022

5. Atlantic Lithium #ALL - TR1 Notification of Major Holdings

Assore International Holdings Limited ("Assore") voting rights now sit at 25.06% of the issued capital of the Company.

4. Deepverge #DVRG - Accelerated Restructuring

DeepVerge announces an organisational restructure of its environmental and life science divisions to meet the growth in demand and maximise the opportunities that lie ahead. Modern Water will focus primarily on markets in China, South Asia and EMEA. Labskin and Skin Trust Club will primarily target the North American market.

3. EQTEC #EQT - Italia MDC: Project update and new investment

The project to recommission the Plant remains on track, with the commercial operations date scheduled for December 2022, subject to the availability of service providers to complete work on ancillary equipment.

2. Supply @ME Capital #SYME - Exercise of Warrants, Issue of Equity, and TVR

SYME, holders of Open Offer Warrants have elected to exercise 512,454 Open Offer Warrants. Accordingly, the Company will issue 512,454 new ordinary shares and £333.08 will be received by the Company as a result.

1. Helium One Global #HE1 - Project Update

Helium One Global has now signed a memorandum of understanding with Exalo Drilling S.A. for the supply of a drilling rig to be utilised in the Company's drilling operation on the Rukwa licence. This change of drilling contractor follows legal complications that the Company believes would have impacted upon the timing and availability of the previously announced Predator Rig.