Thanksgiving Special: The Not So Sweet History of Candied Yams

Episode 199,  Nov 22, 2022, 10:00 AM

Before turning off your phone for a Thanksgiving digital detox or because the turkey requires your undivided intention, spend a moment with the Immigrantly team and me. Today's episode is on the history of yams and their genetically unrelated, culturally conflated counterpart — sweet potatoes. I'm joined by our content writers, Michaela Strauther and Yudi Liu, as we reflect on the joys and quirks of this holiday while paying heed to the complex history that underlines its traditions, from the facts we tell about this day to the food we eat at the table. Everything is never as simple as it appears, which is very much the case with our society's confusion around yams and sweet potatoes. If it isn't clear already, they are not the same. How so? Listen to find out. After, I hope everyone leans into the things that bring them joy and gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Join the conversation: Instagram @immigrantlypod | Twitter @immigrantly_pod |  Please share the love and leave us a review to help more people find us! Host & Executive Producer: Saadia Khan I Content Writer: Yudi Liu, Michaela Strauther I Editorial Review: Yudi Liu  I Sound Designer & Editor: Haziq Ahmad Farid I Immigrantly Theme Music: Evan Ray Suzuki I Other Music: Epidemic Sounds