The professional secret: fixing damage to your beautiful home.

Episode 38,   Nov 25, 2022, 01:00 PM

Fixing damage to your beautiful home.

This month we talk about a secret of how to repair internal damage to your home.  The scuffs, chips, stains and dents which take the shine off the pride you have for your home refurbishment project.

The honest fact is - things get damaged, either during the building process or just in life from living in the house!  Most people - including people who work in construction, don’t realise there are magical specialists such as Foreman snags, who can come in and repair those problems, taking away that thing which makes you miserable each time you see it.

Luke, The owner of Foreman Snags ( talks about the kind of repairs he and his team can do, when to use them and how to plan and cost for this work - so you know when to rip out and replace - and when to save time money and the planet... and repair.

He talks about a project with a chandelier and, as promised, here is a link to it.  

So if you are a proud home owner and have damage to interior elements which are getting you down, don't dispart but do do something about it!

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