How can we understand time better? with Jacob Dahl

Episode 310,   Dec 01, 2022, 09:49 AM

In today's episode of LID Radio, we're in discussion with Jacob Dahl, the author of In Search of Time: Understanding the Nature and Experience of Time for a Better Life. We talk about his book and the ten lenses through which he looks at time in it.

About Jacob Dahl

Jacob Dahl is a Senior Partner Emeritus at McKinsey & Co, a board member and investor. He has an MSc in Economics from Copenhagen University, has worked as a management consultant for 26 years and has lived in Denmark, Europe, Africa and Asia with his wife and four children. Jacob has always been passionate about history, philosophy and physics.

About In Search of Time

We talk about time all the time; in fact, it is the most used noun in the English language. Yet, we have a very limited understanding of what time really is and find it difficult to explain it. The clock itself has become essential in our lives and having a shared idea of what time is has been critical for the evolution of our societies.

However, time also comes with frustrations: we never seem to have enough of it during our busy days, we are bothered about our big life clock ticking too fast, and we are saddened by the lack of long-term considerations by decision makers. So, can we somehow maintain the good aspects of time and deal with the bad, by gaining a better perception of what time really is? This book looks at time through ten lenses in order to grasp a better understanding of it, as well as laying out the benefits of getting rid of our self-imposed bad time habits.

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