S1 E1: Our Pilot

Mar 28, 2017, 03:40 PM

Welcome to the pilot episode of The On-Call Room! We started this podcast in 2017 - and things sure have changed since then. Give us some grace as you listen in to the earlier episodes as we were figuring out our sound quality, the flow of the show and who are our listeners are. Skip ahead a few seasons if you want to find improved quality.

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This week in The On-Call Room, Abbey and Bri introduce themselves as well as their hopes and dreams for the podcast (aka getting someone from the cast to call in). We discuss the first Mer/Der moment, 007, why the real doctors of the show aren't saving anyone's life and other facts about the pilot that Abbey googled while recording. This podcast was recorded before we had a name or anywhere to follow us. Now we're totally legit. We hope you'll forgive us - and continue listening next week!