#2 Why You Need A Vision And A Goal

Episode 2,   Dec 08, 2022, 06:05 AM

Are you happy with the way you run your business? Are you aligned with where you are right now and where you are heading in your business? Or do you feel overwhelmed, overworked and frustrated? I want you to go back to basics today so you can gain more clarity, focus, and a better understanding of yourself and your business. 

Social media makes us feel like we should do everything and be everything. We know the expectations are unrealistic, but sometimes we get lost in the social media noise anyway. That’s why in this podcast episode, I ask you a couple of coaching questions to understand your “why” behind your business, what actions you're taking to achieve your goals, encourage you to reflect on your journey so far, and much more! 

In this episode, I chat about:
  • Why do you need a vision for your business?
  • Why should you think about what your life and business look like?
  • What is your end goal for your business? 
  • The difference between a vision and a goal
  • How focused are you on your vision right now?
  • Consequences of looking for answers on social media
  • Reflecting on what you achieved until now in your business

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Resources from this episode:

“If you are spending an awful lot of time doing things that make you feel really crappy, something needs to change there in your business.” - Libby