Scott Theune Leader in Highlight - Part 2

Sep 27, 2022, 09:00 PM

Tune in to Part 2 of the latest “Leader in Highlight” WE Podcast Series as Founder and CEO, Jackie Mattox chats with Scott Theune, President of the Americas Region for Plexus Corporation. In this second episode, Scott first reflects on the legacy he wants to leave behind. He shares his pride in the areas of the company he’s worked to “move the ball forward”. He shares how he’s been able to give others the opportunity to grow and also the value in putting something meaningful out into the world on the product side. Scott tells us about his earliest mentor, his high school basketball coach, and how professionally he’s always in observing mode – learning how people are making decisions at a high level and how to incorporate that into his own leadership and management style. Culture, clarity, and value are three key words Scott and Jackie discuss as he walks us through his guiding principles – the importance of a strong system of management & importing/exporting talent. Part 2 concludes with one of Scott’s biggest learning lessons and his mindset on opportunities for women at Plexus and within the industry. To learn more about Plexus, please visit them at Hear from Scott in Part 1 and learn more in this Part 2 episode of his WE Leader in Highlight Podcast Series!Support the show