Episode 1: Life in a Northern University Town

Episode 1,   Dec 13, 2022, 09:15 PM

In this episode we learn a lot about what Smita Jamdar's made up university would look like. It is a very new one, based in the north and with a strong sense of community and business engagement. There is a strong set of values underpinning the university and some real curricular novelties and innovations.

Whilst this leader has no particular interest in league tables there is even less enthusiasm for regulation - rather institutional autonomy is seen as much the most important thing.

Smita is very much a Vice-Chancellor of the people, she's relaxed about sharing an open plan office and certainly does not have a limo, but she really does want the university to have its own brand of wine, This is though supplemented by comprehensive sports and arts offerings.

We talk quite a bit about the importance of free speech on campus, unless it involves whining which is most definitely banned. 

And her university has a strong sustainable, community-focused anthem. One which will be familiar to many and is perhaps quite easy to guess.

It's a really entertaining discussion about a very interesting imaginary university.