Weekend Podcast - Are micro caps coming back to life?

Episode 2514,   Dec 10, 2022, 09:34 AM

On the weekend podcast we talk about:
- The cold
- Pete's job
- Paddy clubbing
- Last weekend's activities at Boom Battle Bar owned by XP Factory #XPF
- Micro caps are seeing some life, many are bouncing. Missing out on the agressive bounces that come after the agressive sell offs can cost you over the long term.
- 78% of the stock market's best days occur during a bear market or during the first two months of a bull market. If you missed the market's 10 best days over the past 30 years, your returns would have been cut in half. And missing the best 30 days would have reduced your returns by an astonishing 83%
- Getec #GTC
- eEnergy #EAAS
- K3 Capital #K3C
- Hope, hype, potential stocks
- Spreadsheets, Google Sheets
- The frost is good for dog owners