Nikon D800E v Phase One IQ180 comparison - 60x40 inch print comparison yields SHOCK result

May 27, 2012, 04:02 PM

A debriefing after our first Google+ hangout in which we revealed the results of the D800/D800E vs Phase One IQ180 comparison. #comparison #d800 #d800e #inch #nikon #PhaseOne #surprise #60x40 #Google #Google #hangout

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RogerOverall - over 4 years ago

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for taking the time to listen and comment.

The problem with showing files on screen is that they can never really show what we were seeing. Online photography forums and review sites are full of fairly meaningless comparison photographs cropped to 100%. The I80 wins that hands down. But it's not a real world representation. Nobody puts files that large on screen for normal portfolio applications.

Our test showed that printed on 60x40 inch paper and viewed at a sensible viewing distance (ie, not with your nose right up against the print), the differences were there but minute. Certainly not reflecting the massive price difference between the two cameras.

Hope that gives you some insight into our thinking.


Kevin_Prichard - over 4 years ago

It is unfortunate that one cannot stop or start the audio stream here on Seems like a basic.

I've inadvertently stopped and restarted this page four or five times now, just getting logged in to post this comment.

I suggest using YT or Vimeo. Your commentary on the D800E vs IQ180 is vital, and must include visuals.