Smoking Cessation Wisdom with Bob Levey & Jennifer Folkenroth

Dec 13, 2022, 08:38 PM

Will your New Year’s resolution kick off the journey to quit smoking? In our final Lungcast™ interview of 2022, Bob Levey, former Washington Post columnist and founder of the Super Stoppers Club, and the Lung Association’s national senior director of tobacco programs, Jennifer Folkenroth, come together to review the intricacies of smoking cessation. The lively and informative discussion outlines the path to a smoke-free life, which is often riddled with hurdles and stressors.

0:16 Ernst Wynder, Evarts Graham and the discovery of smoking - lung cancer risk
1:52 Introducing Jennifer Folkenroth and Bob Levey
4:46 Bob Levey and the Super Stoppers Club
11:25 The clinical effect of group cessation
14:00 Why is it hard to quit smoking?
17:45 The value of cessation support systems and social groups
20:03 Navigating patient concerns around cessation treatments
21:54 Combating stigma and social trends
26:35 Resources for aspiring quitters
31:26 Outro