MLS Podcast S2E7

Season 2, Episode 7,   Dec 14, 2022, 12:47 PM

On this last episode of the current series, we hear all about the Christmas going-ons at Manor Lodge, the most popular library books, some under sea facts, codes and ciphers. Plus some run downs of the most expensive items in the world, the oldest people in the world and ahead of the fireworks that will see in the new year, we’ll also learn about the best fireworks.
Our teacher interview this week is with our music teacher here at Manor Lodge, Mrs Bradley Buxton, or Mrs BB as she’s known. Plus we have another Incredibox music creation and 'Strollin' played on the trumpet by one of our podcasters.
We'll be back with Series 3 in the New Year. So until then, have a very happy Christmas!